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A Nurse Who Teaches About Money!

Donna Rosby focusing on helping adults and youth in becoming financially educated, developing skills and techniques for saving early, and understanding that every dime counts. Similar to the name of her latest book, Donna is "A Nurse With A Niche".

When it comes to money, individuals desperately need to understand basic financial concepts. Because everyone’s situation is different, Donna provides various resources to help and empower both nurses and others to become financially independent via the stock market and other investment vehicles.

I just want to thank Donna Rosby for helping me learn the stock market when things was down in March. I positioned myself to get some shares of highly recommended companies for long term investing.
Meisha Amia
I bought my first share of apple, up next is Tesla. Thanks for sharing and getting me together. Donna is amazing at what she does; she helped me break down the stocks and understand what I was doing
Danielle Bryant
Thanks to Donna Rosby, I’m making passive income. I love Mrs. Dollar!! This same money that was sitting in my savings account has made me over $1k since working with Donna.
Tamara Neely
Another passive income stream! Thanks again Donna Rosby for teaching me about investing- feeling thankful.
Tasha McCray