A Serial Entrepreneur, Nurse, Publisher and Best Known as "The Money Lady" who loves to teach you how to live your best financial life.



Is a registered nurse, author, serial entrepreneur, and business owner. She initially started her career working as a registered Dietician before quickly learning that this field was not what she wanted to do. Donna later started nursing school where she graduated and currently works as a Heart Failure Coordinator after working more than twenty-four years as a bedside cardiac nurse for two different prominent hospitals.

While working as a nurse, Donna began to study areas in the financial sector like taxes, insurance, budgeting education, money management, and credit repair. She even self-studied the stock market and began investing. Donna was encouraged with the results of investing and decided to share her knowledge with her fellow nurses by starting a stock investment club thirteen years ago.

The success of that investment club prompted her to open and manage multiple stock investment clubs: The Golden Handshakes, Sisters Seeking Success, Sisters Securing the Bag, and currently a small real estate funding investment club called ‘Funding the Block’. She began educating her members on the stock market and empowering them on how to save, invest, and manage money. Donna continued sharing her knowledge of investment clubs by becoming a consultant to others on starting their own clubs.

While studying the stock market, Donna retuned back to school and completed her MBA in Finance. She then started her own company; Mikash Corporation which focuses on financial literacy for children and adults. She also became a licensed insurance and tax agent. Currently, Donna continues to work part time as a heart failure nurse, has a thriving tax business, a financial consulting business, and an investment club consultant business. As Donnas’ business’s continue to progress, she continues to broaden her repertoire by authoring five children’s books, including a book series surrounding financial principles to children, ‘The Mrs. Dollar Series’ and a book on the stock market for beginners called ‘If A Stock Could Talk What Would It Say’. She also has a few t-shirt lines for multiple products and a product line covering the children’s finance book.

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