My goal as a financial strategist is to empower people via education and finance tools to make better, more informed financial decisions resulting in more money in their pockets. 

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Financial Consulting

Services surrounding understanding your finances as it relates to money management, budgeting, investing, asset allocation, and the ability to make, manage, multiply, and invest money.
• Budgeting
• Asset allocation
• Banking
• Money management
• Savings
• Much more…

Tax Services

Allows you to understand your finances as it relates to your tax situation. Everything affects your tax liability and needs to be analyzed to find the appropriate tax strategy. We evaluate your tax situation from your withholdings to your filing status and focus on finding the most creative tax strategy and legal deductions.
• Tax planning
• Tax advice
• Tax preparation

Stock Market Consulting

Learning the stock market as it relates to long term wealth is another vehicle to leverage as a financial strategy. Our plan includes stock market education on purchasing, leveraging assets, brokerage account set up, purchasing and sells of stocks, and stock market analysis.

Investment Club Consulting

Learning to invest as a group allows for group collaboration with minimal financial input while resulting in maximum output towards the vehicle of choice. We teach the set-up process, train on goals setting, assist in board member education, provide documents necessary, and train on investing vehicle of choice.

401k/403/k-retirement Consulting

Employer planned retirement plans are pertinent to retirement planning. Understanding these plans as it relates to self-management offers a hands-on understanding of your money, elimination of managed fees cost, and increased returns with more diversification of offered plans.

Retirement Planning

Understanding that retirement planning starts at the beginning of your working career, we provide education and products to prepare you for retirement while working or during retirement. These products include insurance, annuities, and asset allocation plans.

Insurance Services

Insurance products are necessary to complete your household planning. We provide individualized insurance options incorporating insurance and financial needs. These plans cover adults, children, and seniors.



If you are searching for ways to learn to apply education to learning about the stock market and investment clubs, you are in the right place. I can show you how you can increase your income and learn to create passive streams of income.

Let these packages be the destination to aim for to learn different investment strategies to enhance your financial literacy.

Package 1: Change your Money, Change your life VIP plan
A 120 day 1-1 intensive, intentional, all-inclusive financial strategy designed to give you the tools, resources, guidance, and support that you need to make, manage, and multiply your financial situation.

Package 2: Stock it Up - Stock Market Investing
A four month 1-1 plan to teach you the fundamental principles of the stock market from A-Z in layman's terms allowing you to monetize your investing strategy via the stock market.

Package 3: VIP Investment Club Startup
Two plans available to either directly form or indirectly assist you in forming your own investment club. Inclusive of required documents, strategy, components, and much more.